Range Bays

270 Bay (R-1)

Working on a square range environment induces training scars. This special application range allows tactical movement and engagements in a more realistic setting. Pistol and shotgun, as well as force-on-force training is well suited for this bay.

Barn (R-2)

Shoot houses come in all configurations, but the Barn’s unique design allows realistic indoor movement and flexible target engagements in a more lifelike and light controlled environments. The entry wall has breaching facilities for explosive entry training. Day or Night use of pistol calibers or force on force.

Classroom (R-3)

Chalk Talk capabilities for 15-20 shooters, and gear staging or registration for events are well suited for this 20’x20’ heated space.

Line of Fire (R-4)

The line of fire has ten turners and ten swinging targets to cue threats and limit presentation times. This 25 yard range is excellent for timed drills and qualifiers.

City (R-5)

A multi-use tactical simulator capable of hosting shooting from vehicles into structures, and other outdoor military/LE scenarios. 50x50 yards.

Runner/10 Tunner (R-6)

Moving target work is always difficult to stage effectively, but is critical to the effective use of firearms. Both lateral running man, and turning targets allow for interesting shoot/no-shoot scenarios.

Charger (R-7)

This bay allows practice in the Tueller Drill, and simulates a reactive threat charging toward the shooter.

Range 8 (R-8)

Range 9 (R-9)

Range 11 (R-11)

Range 12 (R-12)

Range 16 (R-16)

Range 17 (R-17)

Range 18 (R-18)

Range 19 (R-19)

Contact Information

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Range Location:
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