The FARM is a weapons and tactics training facility designed for the specific needs of military, law enforcement, and professional firearms instructors. Founded in 1997 it was designed for professional shooters by professional shooters, and continues to provide resident and member facilities to the shooting community. Located near Fairfield Utah, the FARM has hosted many national shooting events, and offers leases to agencies and a limited number of memberships to qualified individuals. Situated on 40 acres bordering BLM land, it is a safe and effective training base less than an hour from the Wasatch front. FARM stands for Firearms Application and Response Management, and the unique range capabilities and tactical simulators allow professional training and specific mission preparation in a safe and effective environment.

Contact Information

Farm Training Center

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 9465
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109



Range Location:
18150 West 800 South
Fairfield, Utah 84013